KeyTweak is a simple program whose name defines its purpose. It enables you to remap, enable, and disable various keys across the keyboard for a more personalized experience.
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A powerful modifier

Upon installing the program, you'll see the KeyTweak GUI, and in it, your keyboard outline, its buttons, and commands. From here, you may define each key to do what you want. If you find any key useless, you may leave the control next to it blank. That way, you disable it.

Settings per your request

Once you set everything up the way you like it, enable the program and click Save - your keyboard will feature the new settings ever since. While the interface and the commands do feature a learning curve, after a while, making such modifications becomes simple.

Experimentation station

Luckily, KeyTweak features a useful command which returns your settings to normal with a single click. So, you may play around with the keyboard and, if you discover a certain setup doesn't work for you, return it to normal. You may also save configurations.

Straightforward functionalities

All that KeyTweak does is change the configuration of your keys, making it a lightweight, easy-to-use program. With it, you can reconfigure your keyboard to cater to your gaming, programs, or security measures. Plus, if you happen to break specific keys, this program can be a lifesaver.

A free helper

This little bundle of assistance comes completely free-of-charge and with no ads, making it an excellent tool to have on your belt.

A handy application

If you ever found yourself dissatisfied with the current state of your keyboard, this program can help you a lot. It gets the job done with ease, doesn't eat up resources, and doesn't act without a specific request on your part. However, if you don't feel the need to make the changes, you might find the interface too convoluted and downright unnecessary. Luckily, the app is free, so you can use it as you need it.